Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Aliyitchka Wants YOU... to see Purim in Minsk

By the end of Purim in Minsk, it's hard not to feel shpieled, costumed, and hamantaschened out, because the Jews of Minsk really know how to get their Purim on. In this post, I'll take you through my unforgettable Purim in Minsk.

It began with an idea to bake about 150 Hamatashen in my kitchen. Some would be used for Mishloach Manot, and most would be for the Mazal Tov children's Purim Concert.

I invited Tanya, my co-teacher, to help me bake. Vodka bottle=excellent rolling pin!

We brought all the hamantaschen to the Minsk Jewish Campus and got ready for the Mazal Tov Purim Concert. Children in their costumes began to arrive.

The mazaltovniki tots wore costumes and masks. They held their groggers eagerly waiting for Haman's name. Boooo!

Right before our concert began, all the parents and grandparents gave me a surprise birthday gift! Then the children sang me Happy Birthday in English.
And then our program began. First we presented a Purim puppet show in English (with translation) for the children and their families. That's Mordechai telling Queen Ester about Haman's evil plot.

Then the children performed a medley of English songs, including this one:
"Purim Day, Purim Day, what a happy holiday! Wear a mask, wear crown, dance all around! Round go the groggers, rush rush rush (x3), on Purim day."

And then is was time for Hamantaschen and juice. All the parents and grandparents asked me for the recipe!

Who knew Haman's ears could be so tasty?

Then the characters of Purim made their final cameo appearance, ate a few hamantaschen, and went back to Shushan where they belong.

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